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From @vrrrrrm 30.12.2016, 20:51
option to display (in grey) the car's fuel capacity next to the percentage of the tank filled. So for example on a 50L tank that has 15 litre left:

15 - 30% / 50
#1 From @smartrace 05.01.2017, 07:56 Owner

Sorry, I don't get that. To which capacity are you referring? The only meaningful information we can display there is the percentage.

#2 From @smartrace 05.01.2017, 08:07 Owner
Erstmal geschlossen, aber bitte gerne wieder öffnen, falls ich das missverstanden habe. :-)
#3 From @vrrrrrm 05.01.2017, 10:05
Hi Marc,

I see my mistake. It is the standard carrera app that uses liters
instead of % to set the fuel size. It then makes sense to show the
liters as well since you can then compare your size to another with a
different size. You could both have 50% but one could be on 25 litre
and the other on 50 litre.

I see you now have:

As percentages. You can easily make that litres and then set it as
suggested. That makes it easier to compare the amounts when cars do
not have the same quantities. I suppose it that the system also uses
the same amount of fuel on a round when driving the same way so you
would always use the same amount of litres but not the same percentage
when changing fuel size. So it is also clearer when switching fuel
contents for all.

Make sense now?
#4 From @smartrace 05.01.2017, 10:20 Owner
Ah, I see. Thanks, now I understand! I'll think about that :-)
#5 From @smartrace 25.01.2017, 13:06 Owner
I checked this in the meantime and don't think it makes sense to add it for now. The information about the fuel capacity is not reliable, as we can't retrieve it from the CU. We only know what has been set the last time (and only if a car and a driver was assigned to the controller which has been changed). That means that it is very likely that some cars will end up showing either no capacity at all or a wrong capacity information. This is why I don't like it to be honest.

Sorry! Maybe at some point Carrera will allow to retrieve the car settings from the CU, then we can think about this again.
#6 From @vrrrrrm 25.01.2017, 13:09
What info do you have/get then and when?
#7 From @vrrrrrm 25.01.2017, 13:11
You display how much is left maybe you can then add how many laps are still in the tank (you know how much % has been used and how many laps have been done I suppose so that can be calculated assuming the same driving style is being utilised)
#8 From @smartrace 25.01.2017, 13:16 Owner
I only receive a value between 0 and 14 for each car on a regular basis, while 0 means tank empty and 14 means full. But I don't have any information on what the numbers mean despite that I can calculate a percentage from it.

Displaying the amount of laps left to drive with the current capacity will also not be reliable as the fuel consumption depends on how hard you press the trigger on the controller.
#9 From @vrrrrrm 25.01.2017, 13:25
thats why I said 'assuming the same driving style'. you can base it on the last x measurements (you could even make that a variable) and the distance (nr of laps) between those measurements (probably with a treshold before it starts displaying).

Just wondering: isn't it possible to reset the fuel capacity etc before the start of the race? then you always know the value.

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