#12612 Filtering out of sub-second laps

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From @stataque 03.01.2017, 02:00

Firstly... Great App !!!

I am not sure if it is just my control unit, but I sometimes get laps of 0.0xx seconds.
It looks like the sensor thinks the car has gone across the finishing line twice, but only has been once.

Is it possible to filter out these laps during a race?
(at the moment my personal records and races are often invalid)

Thank you,
#1 From @smartrace 03.01.2017, 10:08 Owner
Hey Wynsen,

You can do that by setting a minimum lap time on the track you have selected. Just go to "tracks" and choose to edit the track which is currently active. There you can fill in the minimum required laptime in miliseconds. All laps which are lower than this time, will be filtered automatically.


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