#12637 Add Mode „Testdrive“

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From @schnekel68 15.01.2017, 12:08
This mode can be used to compare results on one track with several cars.

Today in the "free practice mode" the best results are shown for each user (linked to used controller). Comparing different cars is possible with using a dedicated controller for each car.

If it would be possible to add several combinations (driver/car/controller) as a single item in this mode. Best laps would be shown for each car would allow comparison of cars on the same track
#1 From @smartrace 17.01.2017, 17:26 Owner
Sorry Harald, I fail to completely understand what you mean. Also, I understand that for some purposes some manual work is required. But on the other hand, it doesn't make so much sense to implement something which is only used by few users. Please bear with me on this :-)


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