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From @drewbert34 20.01.2017, 12:50
I've had excellent results using Amazon Fire TV products for screen casting from an Android device with native screen mirroring.

I tried Chromecast and it was awful.

For users wishing to do so, may I suggest instructions in order to help them? If interested, I have some suggestions.

I appreciate you!
#1 From @smartrace 25.01.2017, 12:43 Owner
Hey Andrew,

Thanks a lot for your offer! I'd be glad if you could prepare some instructions (step by step if possible) and post them here, I would love to add them to the offical manual then. Thanks a lot!

#2 From @smartrace 30.01.2017, 21:35 Owner
Hey Andrew,

Did you already have the chance to put something together? Otherwise I'd close the issue (just for personal reasons - I love to have a clean table :-D) and you could just send me something by mail, once you're done. Would be totally fine for me.


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