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From @kippintranet 03.02.2017, 23:51
I have six Carrera Driver Displays (Carrera #30353). When using SmartRace, the displays do not function. After I quit SmartRace and shut off the Control Unit (Carrera #30352), when I restart the Control Unit, all my settings are gone. I have to reset all my car addresses for each Driver Display. If I am not using SmartRace, and I shut off the Control Unit, when I restart my Control Unit, all previous settings are restored. If I use SmartRace, I loose all my settings.

First, should SmartRace and the Driver Displays run concurrently? If not, why do they not?

Second, why does RaceSmart, clear my Driver Display settings? Although, I probably know the answer, as SmartRace reconfigures the Control Unit. If this is true, why cannot SmartRace be programmed to save a copy of the Control Unit's configuration file, and reloaded the file to the Control Unit before quitting?

This problem does not exist using the Carrera App.

Parenthetically, When my grandchildren are playing, I choose not to run SmartRace.

Thanks in advance for any helpful feedback.

#1 From @smartrace 04.02.2017, 08:50 Owner
Hey Rich,

Thanks for letting me know. Honestly, I'm not aware of any issues of this kind. I don't think there should be any technical reason why SmartRace and driver displays shouldn't be used at the same time. SmartRace doesn't actually do anything with the driver displays and there are no commands for interacting with them as far as I'm aware of. Also, the assignment driver <-> controller is done completely in the software, the CU is not involved in any way. It is only the data that is read by SmartRace.

Did you have the issues right from the start or did it maybe occur after you did some sort of update to either of the components?


#2 From @smartrace 08.02.2017, 10:56 Owner
Hi Rich,

Any update on this issue?

#3 From @smartrace 12.02.2017, 19:59 Owner
Closing for now, please feel free to re-open with more information.
#4 From @kippintranet 14.02.2017, 12:47
Deleted and reinstalled the Carrera App and SmartRace App. Situation corrected. Parenthetically, the reinstallation were the same firmware versions for each app. I believe the fault was the Control Unit, that may have been corrupted because the issue was consistent between my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. The reinstallation of both apps apparently corrected the problem. Sorry for raising a false issue. Please enjoy the remainder of your day. - Rich
#5 From @smartrace 14.02.2017, 13:25 Owner
Hey Matt,

Good to read it's working now. Thanks for reporting back to me :-)

Have a nice day, too!


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