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From @rbsmartrece 14.02.2017, 15:45
I am a new driver and I found two problems I can,t solve.
First (maybe a bit silly): how do I stop the app on my iPad? Keep noise on even when I use another app and I am downstairs.
Second: do I really have to stop the CU to add a new car?
#1 From @smartrace 14.02.2017, 19:56 Owner
Hey Richard,

You do stop the app as any other app using the task manager. Just double tap the home button and swipe the app away from the list of running apps.

The second thing: no, you don't. Why do you think so? :-)

#2 From @smartrace 26.02.2017, 15:01 Owner
Please feel free to re-open in case of any more questions or feedback :)

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