#12670 Add/remove „unrealist“ lap times – e.g. Best Lap: 0,005sec

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From @panzi 15.02.2017, 10:11

I've recognized, that from time to time, there are Lap times of 0,005 sec which seems to be happen accidentely - maybe there is an option to "ignore" lap-times below a certain limit

many thanks &
#1 From @smartrace 15.02.2017, 18:07 Owner
Hey Peter,

thanks for coming here to report this. I suppose you're using a pit lane and have not disabled lap counting in it, have you? If thats the case, please check this out: https://www.smartrace.de/en/manual/trouble-shooting/laps-are-erroneously-counted-in-the-pit-lane/

To generally prevent those lap times, you can set a minimum time (in miliseconds) per track. Laps below this limit will then not be counted.

Hope that helps.

#2 From @panzi 16.02.2017, 08:04
Hallo Marc,
Vielen Dank für die Info und sorry. Wir hatten noch keine Strecke definiert und haben darum die Möglichkeit zum Festlegen einer Minimum Rundenzeit nicht gesehen !
Danke für die Hilfe !
#3 From @smartrace 16.02.2017, 08:22 Owner
Kein Thema - dafür ist die Plattform ja da :-)


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