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From @tony1966on 15.02.2017, 11:16
I like your app
I know it has many features but all I am interested in is a good clear easy to read lap counter that I can project on a tv monitor
Is this possible with you app
#1 From @tony1966on 20.02.2017, 13:48
Hello I was wondering if you could answer my question detailing the lap counter and how it works
#2 From @smartrace 26.02.2017, 15:05 Owner
Hey Tony,

sorry, I missed that. My apologies! Well, of course does SmartRace count the laps and you should be able to see the screen layout from the screen shots on http://www.smartrace.de/en. And it is possible to project the screen to any device you'd wish, as long as it is supported by the OS you're using (iOS or Android). In case of iOS, you'll most probably need an AppleTV to accomplish it.

Hope that helps!


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