#12681 Bug in the font size adjustment. Suggestion for new race leader announcement

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From @antoniogameiro 21.02.2017, 13:28
Issue: In the latest version released on february 14, the new feature for adjusting the font size in the main screen is not working correctly. If one ends a race and the restarts a new race, the font size goes back to the default settings, altough the scroll bar is at the correct position. If one slides it slightly, the font size is updated to the correct value.

Suggestion 1: as I already suggested previously, a voice anouncement for a new race leader would be a very nice feature. There are so many voice anouncements and souds, I donĀ“t get why this voice anouncement is not already included.
Suggestion 2: a button with a shortcut to start a new race using the present settings would be nice.

#1 From @smartrace 26.02.2017, 15:32 Owner
Hey Antonio,

the first issue you mentioned was addressed in #363, thanks for pointing that out!

Regarding your suggestions: announcing the race leader has already been suggested in #218 and will be part of one of the next versions. This has not yet been addressed because if is more complicated than other sounds. To correctly announce a race leader, you not only have to know the current leader, but also the previous one, which makes it a bit harder on code side. But it's not impossible though :-)

I understand the shortcut suggestion, but it would make the UI more crowded. You can start a new race with the previous setting right now, too, by just hitting "race" again. The dialog will remember the last used settings. So it's basically just one click more, which I find manageable. I hope you agree.


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