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From @btchplz 21.02.2017, 19:43
Hi there. I'm finally hooked up on this awesome app. Well
Now the app will work..then freezes and says scanning not Connected...tells me to wait..the blue tooth isn't blinking..I'm using an samsung s4. Hope u can help
#1 From @smartrace 21.02.2017, 19:59 Owner
Hey Chris,

Thanks for coming here to report your issues.

Please have a look at https://www.smartrace.de/en/manual/trouble-shooting/no-connection/ and let me know if anything there helped.

#2 From @btchplz 21.02.2017, 21:26
HI Marc!! thx for helping me! I just needed to update the control unit :) thx for saving me all the headaches!!

#3 From @smartrace 21.02.2017, 22:42 Owner
Glad to read its working now :-)

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