#12685 Speech output „race finish“ for option „race end after all drivers completed all laps“

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From @filzomat 02.03.2017, 07:40
in my opinion it would be better if there's a possibility too hear the speech Output "race finished" also in the "race end after all drivers completed all laps" option.
In the Moment this is only possible in "after the first Driver completed all laps" mode.
I would also appreciate if the speech output changes to "Driver xy won the race". Additionally there should be an option to choose the speech output **and** the Applause.
At last I would prefer also to hear speech output for the following 2 drivers (for example "2nd/3rd place place driver xy).
But nevertheless, great app.

#1 From @smartrace 07.03.2017, 07:37 Owner
Hey Filzi,

well, the "race winner" sound not playing when the finish style is "all" is certainly a bug and I'll fix that.

I will have a look at the other things aswell. Thanks!

#2 From @smartrace 11.03.2017, 07:36 Owner
The issue has been fixed and all your suggestions have been added :-)
#3 From @filzomat 11.03.2017, 12:26
Thank you very much(also from my sons :) )
#4 From @filzomat 24.03.2017, 22:27
Hi Marc,
I've installed the update but unfortunately I still have the problem that I can't hear the speech output for the winner(also no aplause and output for the second and the third place).
But I can hear the new option for the leader. It's the same on my tablet(android 4.4) and on my mobile phone(android 5.1).Can it be that the problem is on my side?
#5 From @smartrace 27.03.2017, 13:58 Owner
I'm very sorry, there was another error in the code which was now been fixed. Update will be released today I think.

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