#12688 Can’t race with app

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From @carreraracer4217 05.03.2017, 03:09
Just downloaded the Smart Race app and it says to download Carrara's race app. I did this, now it says it's not on the latest version of the Carrera app. Which now I am unable to use your app. Please help. Using my iPad for this and it is giving me no option to update the Carrera app. Not sure what to do. Carrera's app is installed as well as your app. Both allow me to make changes, both are connected but both unable to start a race. Carrera's says get ready. Yours says, after a period of time sitting on the race screen it goes to the update latest firmware screen and then I'm done. Can't do anything else.
#1 From @smartrace 07.03.2017, 07:24 Owner
Discussion continued via email. Firmware issue.

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