#12694 History tab gets frozen sometimes

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From @iceslot 18.03.2017, 11:50
Hi Marc,

When I go into the 'History' tab, once I select a race to view and go back to the history page the app freezes. This happens every time I do it, very consistent. Also, in the 'Assignment' tab, it will not let me reset individual assignments. For instance, I can't reset ID 1,2, or 3 individually. I have to go to the bottom of the page and reset all the assignments together. Any way to fix these issues? Thanks!
#1 From @smartrace 18.03.2017, 14:05 Owner
Hey Josh,

are you sure that the app freezes? Or is it just that the screen is scrolled to the bottom and you don't see the history overview anymore? Can you send a screenshot if possible?

I'll investigate the assignment thing, I'll get back to you soon.

#2 From @iceslot 18.03.2017, 18:48
Yes, it completely freezes, and I have to back out to my home screen on my phone and relaunch the app. I added a screenshot. That is just a screenshot of the history page frozen, not sure it helps much.
#3 From @smartrace 18.03.2017, 20:23 Owner
Ok, thanks for clarifying that. Can you please enable the debug-log (settings > common), reproduce the issue once afterwards and then send me the debug information? You can do this from within the app in about > debug. There is a button to send the data via mail. Please make also sure to add the database information. Thanks a lot!
#4 From @iceslot 18.03.2017, 21:08
How can I send the info once the app is frozen? I put the app in debug mode and recreated the issue. The problem is that once it froze I was unable to do anything.
#5 From @smartrace 18.03.2017, 22:15 Owner
well, you can send the log also after restarting the app. It should still contain the information from the last freeze (if there is any).
#6 From @iceslot 18.03.2017, 22:50
Alright, I just figured it out and sent the info. Let me know if there is anything else you need. Thanks!
#7 From @smartrace 19.03.2017, 20:06 Owner
Well, unfortunately the mail got cut because it was too long. Could you please copy & paste the content of each of the fields in about > debug into a separate text file and attach them to this ticket? This should work. Sorry for the inconveniences. :-(
#8 From @iceslot 19.03.2017, 20:53
#9 From @smartrace 22.03.2017, 20:29 Owner
Hey Josh,

please try again sending the data from within the app with SmartRace 2.7.0 - I changed something there so it should work now without being cut. Thanks!

#10 From @smartrace 27.03.2017, 13:29 Owner
Fixed in 2.7.1
#11 From @iceslot 29.03.2017, 01:57
Thank you very much!
#12 From @iceslot 30.03.2017, 11:24
Just a heads up, Marc. It is still freezing after I view a race in history. However, the problem with resetting an individual ID seems to be fixed.
#13 From @smartrace 01.04.2017, 12:34 Owner
Thanks for letting me know Josh, I'll look into it. Sorry for that!
#14 From @iceslot 01.04.2017, 21:27
No worries!
#15 From @smartrace 02.09.2017, 20:51 Owner
Finally fixed in upcoming 2.9.1.... sorry for the long delay :-/

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