#12703 Italian voices mixed/exchanged with English voices.

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From @gaido@libero.it 27.03.2017, 21:38
New issue in 2.7.0 (2.6.2 was ok): selecting Italian language and sound, the voices are sometimes in Italian and sometime in English. If you ask to listen to the voice sample in the "sound" page, once is in Italian, then in English, then...random. Also if you run a Race, some messages in Italian, some others in English.
More precisely seems that the English is not a "recorded English speech" but "a "English sentence read by an Italian".

Seems to me that some pointers are wrong in the code or some audio file are missing in the released package.
Please fix because now is not possible to use the Italian voice at all.
#1 From @smartrace 27.03.2017, 21:44 Owner
Hey Massimo,

thanks for reporting this. It has already been fixed and the update is on the way :-)

Sorry for the invoveniences!


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