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From @drewbert34 13.04.2017, 14:00
Does Smartrace recognize a keyboard if one were to be plugged in to the cell phone / tablet? If so, does recognize a keyboard strike as Start / Resume?

I wanted to build a foot pedal USB track call switch setup that would utilize an Arduino board for keyboard emulation.

I know you are / will be working on individual driver screens utilizing cell phones; however, for those that do not wish to use their cell phones, this would be a very nice alternative.
#1 From @smartrace 14.04.2017, 08:42 Owner
Hey Rich,

Not yet, but I added something for the next version which allows you to use the space bar of any connected keyboard to start/stop/resume an event (keycode 32).

#2 From @drewbert34 14.04.2017, 12:24
This will be so awesome! After I sent this request in I found USB programmable pedal switches. This negates the need (for me) to have individual drivers displays, as I will then be able to start / stop a race using a pedal switch. This will be all that is needed for great racing!

Do you have any idea on time frame of next update? Not to push you, just wanted to know when to order the equipment I want to make this happen.
#3 From @smartrace 14.04.2017, 14:55 Owner
Very cool stuff! I also had another idea: I found a programmable push button (https://flic.io) which can interact with any kind of app through a special API. I already ordered one and will try to get it working with SmartRace. That would be even more awesome I think :-D

Regarding the next release: I think this might take some more time, because I plan to integrate many things. Let's see. I'll try to keep you updated on my plans :-)

#4 From @drewbert34 14.04.2017, 15:23
Oh my goodness!...that is even more awesome!

The only caveats I can see:

1. It would be dependent on wireless connectivity with your device, correct? You are not dependent of that with the solution I proposed, but I still like yours better! :)

2. The amount of wrecks per race could mean a lot of clicking...ha! I hope they are durable?

I use a Frankenslot controller which I could just mount the flick button to!

I'll hold off on my solution until I hear or see of yours. I'm so anxious to have the ability of remote track calls (1 for each driver) I can't stand it! It was the 1 of 2 things that Carrera lacks over Scalextric.
#5 From @smartrace 14.04.2017, 23:26 Owner
Update: I had to release a bugfix and added the space bar feature - so it's already there now :-)
#6 From @drewbert34 15.04.2017, 11:50

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