#12715 Now that spacebar race start / stop / continue has been implemented:)

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From @drewbert34 15.04.2017, 13:24
What would be awesome is to also implement a user configurable penalty setup.

If an accident happens in a race already in progress (race continue) and track power is cut via spacebar command, configure a time delay before track power is cut; thereby, penalizing the wrecked driver and giving the other drivers a little bonus.

This could be user configurable from 0 to .5 or 1 sec.
#1 From @drewbert34 15.04.2017, 17:52
Another option here. Make a caution mode where the speed is reduced to the other cars so that accidents can be cleaned up without big wrecks at speed.
#2 From @smartrace 06.05.2017, 08:02 Owner
Hey Andrew,

thanks for this suggestion. I understand your use case, but I would prefer to go the other way around, which means adding penalties *after* the race was suspended, no matter how it was suspended. Adding this delay only for the space bar would match your case but would be irritating for other people as it would only apply in the space bar case, but e.g. not when someone added their own "chaos button" (as described by Stefan in the other bug ticket).

So I'd prefer not to add this but follow the path of #382.

#3 From @drewbert34 08.05.2017, 13:51
Not to dispute, but question for you:

Assigning penalties is great for some, especially with pit lane as they can perform "stop and go".

What if a user doesn't have pit lane? How will they serve penalties?

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