#12732 Fastest sector time is added to car records

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From @smartrace@rughoeft.de 23.04.2017, 17:10
I just implemented two Checklanes and tested them afterwards in a quick one-man-race with a new car. Afterwards the record time of that car is the shortest/best sector time.
This should be the fastet lap time.
#1 From @smartrace 25.04.2017, 20:05 Owner
Servus Stefan,

kannst Du dazu mal ein paar Screenshots posten? Ich kann mir das noch nicht ganz vorstellen.


#2 From @smartracerughoeft-de 29.04.2017, 16:25
I'm Sorry, I can't reproduce this issue.
I just did some short races with a car without any records and always the round time was added to the record list of that car.
When I opened this issue, I found times with one to two seconds in the records. Unfortunstely I deleted them and produced no screenshots then.

Please close this issue and excuse me stealing your time.
#3 From @smartrace 30.04.2017, 21:56 Owner
alright, no problem :-)

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