#12741 Add Handicap

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From @drewbert34 02.05.2017, 13:16
For racing with kids or for simulating DTM / BTCC, have you thought about a handicap mode?

With kids, you could use to set cars at 50% or 75% throttle. All cars or particular car option.

In a race it could be used to penalize the winner of the last race in a series to 90% throttle, or whatever is desired, like DTM / BTCC weight penalty.

Just a thought :)
#1 From @smartrace 02.05.2017, 13:52 Owner
Hey Andrew,

Hm, I currently fail to see how this could be added to the app in a generic way. I think you can already achieve a handicap by setting the speed manually for each car if you know you're driving with kids or if you agree with other participants to reduce the speed for particular racers when they win x races in a row or so.

So I don't think it makes sense to add a special feature for this for now. :-)


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