#12743 Show Car-Icons in the assignment dialogue

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From @mehi 12.05.2017, 09:22
Hi Marc,

Yesterday I again suffered from an annoing little issue. I thought I mentioned it some time agon in Freeslotter forum, here's the official change request.

Problem statement:

I have my slotcars set up as per Brand and Type incl. a picture.
If I now want to set up an event I start to assign driver and car to a controller. This is where I start to struggle, which one is the right car?

[Screenshot w/o icons][1]

Change Request:

Can you add the icons used in the "Car" Dialogue also to the "Assignment" dialogue? It would make live so much easier...

[Screenshot with icons][2]

The same could be done with drivers as well but the name is already identifying them - unless you have more driver with the same name...


[1]: https://myalbum.com/photo/4AynVvpZan6K/1k0.jpg
[2]: https://myalbum.com/photo/7AmrqZT86K2B/1k0.jpg
#1 From @smartrace 12.05.2017, 12:20 Owner
Hi Thomas,

thanks for making your point. I added something for this in one of the recent versions. You can actually click (touch) on a driver/car in the list and it will expand to show the drivers/cars image. Doesn't that help from your perspective?

#2 From @mehi 12.05.2017, 16:53
Hi Marc,

Got you - man, I didn't realize you implemented this already. Allthough I like my proposal more I think I can live with your solution as well. Reason why I like mine a bit more is that you need to know the trick how to make the icons/pictures visible. It's not so intuitive. And it's not needed to have big resolution - just to identify which car is wich - thats it.

Never the less, thanks formthe effort and have a great weekend!


#3 From @smartrace 13.05.2017, 11:42 Owner
Hey Thomas,

thanks for your feedback. What I can tell you is that the whole dialog is likely to change for one of the next versions, so maybe your suggestion will be implemented, too :-)

#4 From @mehi 13.05.2017, 14:04
Very appreciated Marc!
Whish you a great weekend ;-)

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