#12747 Bluetooth connection

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From @brixholm 22.05.2017, 09:03
Last year, i never had problems to connect the app with the control
Unit via bluetooth but this time, its impossible to connect. Connection with
the original carrera app is possible without any problem but impossible with
smart eace. And its impossible to ignore, that bluetooth connect automatically
with the control unit. There is no option
#1 From @smartrace 22.05.2017, 09:12 Owner
Hi Lothar,

can you describe what has maybe changed since you connected successfully using SmartRace the last time? Did it stop working all of a sudden? Or did you for example update the Control Unit or something else?

#2 From @smartrace 25.05.2017, 16:28 Owner
Please feel free to re-open with the requested feedback.

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