#12750 Ipad entering screensave mode during race

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From @antoniogameiro 02.06.2017, 16:38
My ipad entering in screensave mode (or in idle mode) during a race is, of course, annoying. I suppose I can prevent it from entering in screen save mode by adjusting the settings, but that is also anoying, specially of one forgets to replace the old settings after using smartrace. Could the application itself prevent the screensave mode?
Antonio Gameiro Lopes
#1 From @smartrace 02.06.2017, 23:06 Owner
Hey antonio,

Which Version of smartrace are you using?

#2 From @antoniogameiro 04.06.2017, 11:54
Smartrace is version 2.8.3. IOS is 10.3.2.

#3 From @smartrace 07.06.2017, 12:38 Owner
Hey Antonio,

the app actually should already prevent this. Can you confirm that this is happening all the time for you? Do you have the chance to test on another device (such as iPhone or another iPad)? Does it happen *always* or only if you minimized the app for some reason and re-maximized it afterwards?

#4 From @antoniogameiro 07.06.2017, 12:45
It doesn´t happen all the time, but I didn´t figure out yet any pattern. I will test it again and also in my iphone and will send my my findings.
#5 From @smartrace 07.06.2017, 19:19 Owner
Hey Antonio,

I just figured out that I actually didn't release the new version yet which fixes issues with the prevention. There is an issue which causes the iPad/iPhone go to sleep after a photo was taken from within the app. This will be resolved in the next version. Can you confirm this is the root cause of the issue for you, too?

#6 From @antoniogameiro 07.06.2017, 21:57
I am not 100% sure but I think I took a photo last time. I raced quite a few times without that problem, but I also had that problem sometimes. Since I am still adding some people, I think the issue could be because of the photos.
#7 From @smartrace 14.07.2017, 22:25 Owner
Fixed with upcoming 2.8.4 (is planned to be released next week).

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