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From @mehi 05.06.2017, 14:58
Hi Marc,

I recently joined a race where we had 6 drivers on the track, each one to run 1 stint with every car. So you race with your car and with each others car as well.
These individual events have been added to the overall score. Also a cool feature - a strategic element - was that you take your fuel level with you. E.g if you have re-fueled your car close to the finish of a stint, you take this fuel level into the next race, it has been transmitted to the next car.

I found this mode very cool as it eliminates certain differences in the cars and provides a very fair challenge of the drivers.

Would be very cool to see something similar in SmartRace soon.

Thx a lot,
#1 From @mehi 06.06.2017, 05:33
Haha, yes HuGo, that was the only impressive thing I've seen from CockpitXP so far. Everything else was just inmature, it just didn't work properly but that race mode was like "damn, i want it, now..."
#2 From @mehi 30.07.2017, 08:21
Hey Marc,
Any chance to see this in a future version?
#3 From @nomad2race 06.08.2017, 03:32
I agree this is exactly what we need for race format. We have both analog and digital tracks but only analog can accommodate more racers than available cars. Very awkward when we have 9 racers but lImited to y in a race? Rotating cars between drivers is also super when running house cars for fair racing. Please add Round Robin with option to rotate cars!
#4 From @smartrace 07.09.2017, 08:49 Owner
Well, this is definitively not an easy one I guess. Interesting approach though. I will consider it, but please don't expect something very soon :-D
#5 From @mehi 07.09.2017, 09:48
Hi Marc,
Sure, next release is absolutely fine for me :-) :-) :-)
Really love to see this coming in the future and thanks a lot for considering it at all!
Keep the good momentum ;-)

#6 From @drewbert34 25.11.2017, 15:40
This would be great for proxy racing.

Have you ever tried to use a computer race program for a proxy? It's a total headache!
#7 From @smartrace 09.01.2018, 22:51 Owner
I think I will give this a shot in the next weeks. I think it makes sense to implement this as a part of the championship add-on, as this add-on already provides all needed database structures for series of races.

I imagine it like this:

- create a new event of this kind (lets call it "round robin" - anyone has a better idea?)
- assign N drivers and the same amount of cars to the event
- SmartRace determines how many races will be needed to have every driver race every car
- SmartRace somehow presents the assignments for the next race (like which driver needs to take which controller - the driver/car assignments from the SmartRace database could the be made automatically)

For the points calculation: this would work like in regular championships, right?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

#8 From @smartracerughoeft-de 10.01.2018, 07:30

The main difference to the now implemented champoinship mode is, that this mode controls the races and is not just done by adding a race at end of a race to a champoinship.

Regarding your questions:
In german I would call it „Autorotation“.
Driver-to-controller assignment can be randomly, would be nice to see the next assignments somewhere.
Point calculation can follow the seleccted theme.

I propose additionally:
- at end of race enter the meters in last round, this gives us the order of drivers if points are the same for two drivers at end of the series OR use number of races won / positions in races to order in result
- a decision for the lineup for the next turn, i.e. first race follows qualifying, all other turns use point table in reverse order (least points gives first position at start of turn)
- a series may be driven with four cars and six drivers and
- select used controllers because eight drivers may just use ctrl 1, 3, 5 and 6 (short tracks, only four cars available)

Soo far my first thoughts.

Thanx Marc!
#9 From @smartrace 09.06.2018, 22:25 Owner
This has finally been implemented for upcoming 3.2 as in-app purchase. See https://www.smartrace.de/anleitung/meisterschaften-und-teams/ (currently in german only, english translation to follow).

#10 From @smartracerughoeft-de 25.06.2018, 05:09
Thank you, Marc!

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