#12789 Nach Renne keine Änderung möglich

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From @adcom2017 02.10.2017, 09:46
Ich kann nach einem Zeitrennen oder nachdem ich das Rennen vorzeitig abgebrochen habe weder die Fahrzeuge auf den Handregler neu programmieren noch auf der Control Unit die Geschwindigkeit ändern.
Nachdem ich die Verbindung von der Contol Unit zur App unterbrochen habe geht das aber.
Was könnte die Ursache sein?
#1 From @smartrace 02.10.2017, 11:24 Owner
Servus Marc,

üblicherweise wird bei Rennende oder Abbruch ein Stop-Signal an die CU gesendet. Daraufhin müssten alle LEDs an der CU leuchten. In diesem Zustand kannst Du weder fahren noch sonst irgendwas machen. Sobald Du aber in der App oder an der CU "START" oder "ESC" drückst, müsste es wieder gehen.

Kannst Du das mal probieren?

#2 From @adcom2017 02.10.2017, 12:23
Sorry, habe mich vorhin nicht klar ausgedrückt.
Ja das mit ESC funktioniert, aber leider nicht immer und darum muss ich anschliessend die Verbindung zur App unterbrechen.
Es kommt mir so vor als wäre die ganze CU wie blockiert, auch nach drücken der ESC Taste.
Was denkst Du könnte die Ursache sein?
Ich verwende die App für Events, weil seit dem Update bei der Carrera App nicht mehr per Sprache mitgeteilt wird wann das Rennen beendet ist.
Sie ist genial aber dieses Problem bereitet mir sorgen.
#3 From @smartrace 03.10.2017, 08:55 Owner
Servus Marc,

ich habe leider keine Ahnung, was da los ist. Du kannst also dann, wenn dieses Problem auftritt, auch an der Control Unit keine Taste mehr nutzen? Es passiert dann einfach nichts mehr?

#4 From @timwilkins 03.10.2017, 21:36
Similar problem with me. I interrupted a race and went to car settings to change speed. Could not save or cancel anything in the settings. App just froze. Fine after reboot of smartrace. Maybe changing settings during a race is a silly thing to do but the app allowed me to try and do it.
#5 From @adcom2017 04.10.2017, 07:13
exactly, its froze like tim writting, i change the control unit but the same issues.
#6 From @smartrace 04.10.2017, 09:33 Owner
Hey guys,

thanks for giving updates on this. Could you please provide me with a description on how to reproduce this as detailed as possible? What do you need to do in order to see this behavior? Does it matter how long the race is or how many laps are already done? Or does it always happen?

Thanks a lot!

#7 From @timwilkins 04.10.2017, 10:54
Will investigate today. Did you write your app using Android Studio ? If so, you could send me the project bundle and I could do some serious playing !!!
#8 From @timwilkins 04.10.2017, 20:21
Could not recreate the freeze. Smartrace worked SUPERBLY (except announcing to the whole world that my wife Sue had the fastest lap !!!!).
I noticed that today,unlike yesterday, that there was NO other Google activity (synchronising, downloading and updating all the shit you do not want and difficult is to turn off).
Maybe some other process was hogging the cpu and that caused the freeze.
I will continue testing tomorrow.
#9 From @smartrace 18.10.2017, 17:52 Owner
Hi guys,

I'll close this as it seems to be resolved according to what Tim says.

@Tim: I unfortunately can't provide you the code or the AS project.
#10 From @timwilkins 18.10.2017, 20:07
Sorry for asking Marc. I must have misunderstood "From fans for fans
SmartRace is driven by emotions rather than business interests"
However, it seems to me,from a Bluetooth trace, that the smartrace Bluetooth controller pairing dialog needs improving............maybe you could do synchronous not asynchronous..........or at least wait a bit before you try again. Apart from that, smartrace is a SUPER app.
#11 From @smartrace 19.10.2017, 07:39 Owner
What I mean by "driven by emotions" is that I'm a fan myself. I'm not developing the app to make money, but to have fun with it - and thats why I add many things which I like myself or are proposed by other people. There is no business plan behind that :-)

Regarding your recommendation: whats happening right now is that the CU is asked for new data by the app. As soon as there is an answer and the answer was fully processed, the CU is asked again. Or did I miss your point?
#12 From @timwilkins 19.10.2017, 19:46
It's only a minor problem. If you follow your instructions.....switch cu on....and then start smartrace, everything is ok. If you do not do that, the app scans forever until a message "an app wants to turn on Bluetooth on this device" .Of course bluetooth is on, but the cu is not. While it is scanning it destroys internet and wifi. I know this is a "human" problem but maybe an easy solution would be to scan a few times and display a BIG message "SWITCH THE CARRERA CU ON PLEASE"
#13 From @smartrace 19.10.2017, 20:02 Owner
Ah, got you! I will think about that, thanks for pointing it out :-)

#14 From @timwilkins 19.10.2017, 20:26
Thanks Marc ! Your programming would be easier if you did not have ancient users and their grandchildren who just expect apps to work without RTFM.

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