#12791 Average lap speed.

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From @timwilkins 03.10.2017, 21:15
Notice you have space on your race display !
Why not calculate the average speed per lap per car.
Track length (L) / lap time(T) x 0.036 x Scale (S)
L / T x 0.036 x S = average kmh
My track is 30m long and lap time is maybe 15 seconds with a 1 32 scale car

3000 / 15 x 0.036 x 32 = 230.4 kmh which looks reasonable.

Only suggesting it because one my grandsons asked "how fast is my car going ?)
#1 From @smartrace 19.12.2017, 17:34 Owner
Thanks! I will think about it :-)
#2 From @timwilkins 19.12.2017, 20:52
Hi Marc,
Got your update.
I would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a super new year and a BIG thank you for your app.


PS...........lots of snow here and a good ski season begins.
#3 From @smartrace 19.12.2017, 20:57 Owner
Thanks Tim, all the best to you and your family, too! Hope you will be having a good time with your track :-)

#4 From @timwilkins 19.12.2017, 21:11
My pleasure !
I forgot to say I put polaroid cube cameras on my cars and now with your race app each driver has real time video on personal screens and race info on a main screen. Awesome! (OK....I have more money than sense but what the hell)
#5 From @smartrace 19.12.2017, 21:13 Owner
Wow, that sounds awesome! I'd love to see some pictures of this!
#6 From @eltorro 20.12.2017, 15:45
Average speed sounds really cool, actually :)
#7 From @timwilkins 20.12.2017, 16:02
Wonderful...........get your coding pad out !!!!!. (those were the days, writing assembler code on paper, handing paper to teams of punch girls, collecting paper tape, doing a daily batch run and testing on a computer bigger than my house running on a bunch of valves)
#8 From @eltorro 20.12.2017, 16:29
I could probably still do it in 6502 assembler off the top of my head - bet it would be less than 100 bytes of code.....compare that to the compiled size of such a routine on android, for example :)
#9 From @smartrace 22.02.2018, 16:47 Owner
Hey Tim,

finally I'm planning to integrate this an was wondering how you got to that 0.036 factor? Does it depend on the scale of the car, too? Just to understand that it's not made out of thin air :-D


#10 From @timwilkins 22.02.2018, 22:28
Factor 0.036 converts meters per second (3600 seconds in an hour) to km per hour.
#11 From @smartrace 23.02.2018, 08:09 Owner
Oh, that was obvious. Sorry for asking and thanks for being patient with me :-D

#12 From @smartrace 07.03.2018, 15:14 Owner
I added this for the next release!

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