#12794 energy saving mode.

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From @timwilkins 04.10.2017, 20:43
Is there any way to prevent the control unit from going to sleep when there is no action? . Mid race I went to take my dog for a walk. Smartrace is connected and timing my lap but the control unit still went to sleep.
Presumably the control unit does not think that Bluetooth activity is an actual activity.
#1 From @smartrace 05.10.2017, 05:46 Owner
Hi Tim,

this is not something that can be controlled from the software. If the CU doesn't detect any action on the track for a certain time, it goes stand-by. AFAIK there is an european law which requires this from hardware manufacturers to save energy.

#2 From @timwilkins 05.10.2017, 12:58
European law ! I'm a Brexiteer ! However, I have found a workaround. Going to sleep is a function of the transformer. If it detects no activity on a speed controller for 20 minutes it goes to sleep. By taping down an unsused controller's plunger it never goes to sleep.My tablet is specifically for smartrace and I want it always on and race ready.

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