#12796 Smartrace Loses Bluetooth Connectivity

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From @drewbert34 05.10.2017, 14:46
Android Tablet: NeuTab S8 Bluetooth 4.0

CU: Updated to Carrera's most recent firmware

Prior to this last update, I don't recall Bluetooth connection issues.

Now, I will either have a hard time getting an initial connection to stay connected, or lose connection in the middle of a race.

Once connection is lost, it is lost within Smartrace; however, Carrera Bluetooth module still shows a solid light showing it is connected to the tablet.

The only way to reconnect is to restart my tablet.

I have 2 other tablets which I plan to test and report back.
#1 From @drewbert34 07.10.2017, 17:55
This is tablet related. Please close / delete.

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