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From @drewbert34 07.10.2017, 18:03
I love the idea and when it works it's awesome!

Bugs I noticed:

1. During weather announcement track call / caution is not possible.

2. If piting early, speed settings get confused and will not change once weather actually happens.

3. Original speed settings do not return when race is over or reset. You must manually reset.

4. I could not pit when I wanted. For some reason car was blocked after piting 1st time.
#1 From @smartrace 08.10.2017, 19:17 Owner
Hey Rich,

thanks for your report. Some questions/remarks though:

1. What does this mean? Are the buttons (on both app and CU) not working while the voice is speaking?
2. Could you explain this a bit further please? How do speed settings get confused?
3. Yes, thats true. But there is no way to change this unfortunately, which is why I noted this on https://www.smartrace.de/en/add-ons/weather/ (under "limitations")
4. I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. How was the car blocked?

Are you using the newest version of SmartRace (2.10.1)? And which CU firmware version are you using?

#2 From @drewbert34 08.10.2017, 20:01
1. Correct. When weather announcement happens, I could not use the start button until after the announcement was over. It would not function.

2. If I pit early for rain tires, after announcement but before it actually begins to rain, my speed is reduced to the setting I specified with rain tires / dry track. Once it started raining, my speed was not then changed to rain tires / wet track setting. It stayed at rain tires / dry track setting for remainder of race.

3. Understood. Is there no way around this?

4. When I went into pit early for rain tires, prior to it raining, but after the announcement, I was fitted w/rain tires. When it started raining neither cars speed reprogrammed. I went back into the pits to see if I could get speed to reprogram by switching to slicks then pit one more time back to rain tires. When I went back to switch to rain tires once again I could not enter the pits but my friend could with his DTM. After turning off the CU and back on again, I then could pit whenever I wanted.

I am on newest version of Smartrace (2.10.1) which allowed for weather and CU shows hardware is 5
#3 From @drewbert34 08.10.2017, 20:55
i meant 5.337 i guess it is
#4 From @drewbert34 15.10.2017, 00:46
I've used this a little more and I love it!

Disregard my other issues. I now can find only 1. Sometimes, when weather happens, the speed will only change on 1 car instead of both. It's almost like when the CU does the programming, it's really short, when other times you the the CU lights flash for a longer period of time.

Aside from that, great work!

#5 From @drewbert34 16.10.2017, 14:18
Another full day of use. This time, it worked flawlessly, all day!

One thought for anyone reading:

Speed reductions can effect different cars / motors different ways. So far, this is especially true with FF- 030 can / E200 slim can motors (Can-am / F1 cars).

With those motors being so small, voltage reductions can make for large differences in motor output from one car to the next.
#6 From @drewbert34 17.10.2017, 13:23
Used weather again for every race last night, for 3 hours...all went perfectly!
#7 From @smartrace 13.11.2017, 10:29 Owner
Glad it's working okay :-). Closing for now, please feel free to re-open anytime if needed.

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