#12811 Bluetooth not staying connected

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From @talonk24 23.10.2017, 16:46
I purchased two new add- on recently and now my Bluetooth doesn’t stay connected to my iPad which suspends the track In the middle of a race. Prior to me buying the add-ons I didn’t have this problem. Please help I have a event coming up in 3 weeks
#1 From @smartrace 24.10.2017, 19:22 Owner
Did you by any chance also update your device to iOS 11? I guess so. Please have a look at #472 for more information.
#2 From @talonk24 25.10.2017, 00:11
I can’t read it. It not in English
#3 From @smartrace 04.11.2017, 19:37 Owner
Hi Kiwan,

I translated the ticket in the meantime partially.

Another question: do the connection drops also happen with the original Carrera app?


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