#12813 iOS 11 Bluetooth issue

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From @hondaxpress 29.10.2017, 00:03
Bluetooth drops connection to control unit. If I open the carrera app it works fine. Please help.
#1 From @smartrace 29.10.2017, 11:01 Owner
Hi Daniel,

this is a known issue (see #472 for more details). But until now all users reported the same issues for the Carrera App. Can you confirm 100% that the connection is stable with the Carrera App (for at least 10 Minutes)? Thanks for any update!

#2 From @smartrace 29.10.2017, 17:16 Owner
Hi Daniel,

any update on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

#3 From @hondaxpress 29.10.2017, 18:09
The carrera app stays connected to the control unit more than 10 min.
#4 From @smartrace 30.10.2017, 08:23 Owner
So, just to summarize it:

- SmartRace drops the connection to the CU after ~90 seconds reproducibly and reconnects immediately afterwards (as described in #472)
- the **exact same device** runs the Carrera App without any issues

Is this correct? Also, which firmware version of the Control Unit are you using? 5337?

#5 From @hondaxpress 30.10.2017, 11:04
Yes thatÂ’s true.
I just updated my control unit 3 days ago to the newest firmware.
#6 From @smartrace 04.11.2017, 17:07 Owner
Hi Daniel,

I'm having a hard time understanding whats going on. Other users report to me that the carrera app is showing the exact same behavior with the disconnects, and thats also what I experienced myself.

So, sorry, hopefully you're not annoyed if I ask that: could you please describe the issues you're having as detailed as possible by answering the following questions?

- Which *exact* firmware version are you using?
- Which *exact* version of iOS 11 are you using?
- Which *exact* device (and device version) are you using?
- When do the disconnects happen?
- Are they always happening after the same amount of time?
- Are you using the Carrera app on the same device? What have you tried with it? Did you actually do some laps? Did you connect it to the CU and did it stay connected? Sorry if I ask that again, but I need to be absolutely sure what we're observing here.
- Can you please send me a support data bundle from within SmartRace? Menu "Help" -> Debug -> Send data to SmartRace support

Thanks a lot for your input.


#7 From @smartrace 13.11.2017, 10:27 Owner
Please add any follow-ups to #518. Thank you!
#8 From @hondaxpress 13.11.2017, 15:34
Hi Mark,
I have been super busy, haven't have a chance to check. I did update my iphone to IOS 11.1.1 and haven't check it since the update.

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