#12819 Tire Wear

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From @drewbert34 04.11.2017, 13:55
Can tire wear be implemented?

It would seem that it could be done very similar to real fuel setting but inverse in that the speed would degrade vs. increase.

I very much enjoy weather for the tire change realism, but it effects some cars much more drastically than others, depending on strength of the motor. I'm sure once you have car specific weather settings, that will be much improved :)

If we were able to do tire wear and fuel, it would be much more realistic. Yes, I would pay for the feature :)

#1 From @smartrace 19.12.2017, 20:12 Owner
Hi Andrew,

I also think something like this would be interesting. But I honestly don't see any chance to implement it. It would be too likely that a car is not on track when the speed change is applied (e.g. when it crashed) and the speed would have to be changed very often compared to the weather changes. That would be confusing for the user and not very understandable. I'd probably receive a lot of complaints.

Sorry about this :-(

#2 From @drewbert34 19.12.2017, 20:16
That makes great sense Marc.

Don't be sorry! It's fun to socialize the possibilities.

I appreciate your response :)

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