#12822 How do you turn Weather off?

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From @drewbert34 06.11.2017, 00:43
More specifically, if I set chance of weather to 0, then why does the app still make me change tires?

If wanting to run a non-weather race and getting fuel, the max I can set the tire change interval to is 20 sec. This is not long enough to completely fuel up from empty if tank size is at its largest.

If setting weather to 0 then set tires to do not change.
#1 From @smartrace 07.11.2017, 09:32 Owner
Hi Andrew,

you're right, I missed to add something to disable the weather. I will take care of it. Thanks for pointing this out!

#2 From @drewbert34 07.11.2017, 14:26
Thanks Marc...I love your app!
#3 From @smartrace 07.12.2017, 11:53 Owner
Added as separate entry in #546.

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