#12831 Bluetooth connection failing on ipad

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From @optbob 20.11.2017, 22:15
After software update iPad Bluetooth not stay connected more than a minute
#1 From @smartrace 21.11.2017, 09:55 Owner
Hey Robert,

this is unfortunately a known issue in iOS 11. Apple changed the bluetooth stack there and there are now many problems with different kinds of bluetooth devices (such as hands free devices in cars and others). Please see #472 for more details. It's currently not possible for me to solve it on SmartRace side :-/

#2 From @optbob 24.11.2017, 18:17
Thank you for the reply. I want to relay to you what different Apple "managers" and " supervisors have told me. Unfortunately, I'm not a software savvy guy.
I was told app writers need to correct their apps to keep up with OS changes. I said there should be a better way that does not alienate creators and users. I asked how these changes made Bluetooth use better because I did not see an improvement and she said she didn't know.
I found an old iPad that won't update to 11 OS and everything works great again.
Thank you
Bob Murphy
#3 From @smartrace 25.11.2017, 08:54 Owner
Hey Bob,

thanks for the update. Yes, I understand Apple is blaming others, but that's how they usually handle such issues. It usually takes a while (and some external pressure) for them to admit they did something wrong.

If you head over to https://discussions.apple.com/message/32606942. There you can see that many, many people have the same issues with all kinds of devices (even on iPhone X!). It's just a disgrace how Apple handles this (not)...

#4 From @smartrace 25.11.2017, 08:57 Owner
I'll close this as a duplicate of #472. Please feel free to post any updates there. Thank you!

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