#12837 Track returns to „Caution“ following restart.

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From @wood0209 01.12.2017, 04:07
This is minor and seems completely random as to when it happens. Occassionally, when restarting a race from caution, the race restarts but is then quickly put under caution again automatically. This is not a "false start" issue as I've experienced with just me as a driver and a single ghost on the track. I will wait for "Go!", both cars will proceed, and then stop a split second afterwards as caution has returned.

This does not happen every time, but I do experience it 2-3 times during a 50 lap race.

Not sure if it is something I'm doing or if it is a random bug you should be aware of.

This is running Smart Race 2.1.0 with Firmware 5337. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5A on Android 7.0.
#1 From @smartrace 02.12.2017, 12:23 Owner
Hey Kevin,

sounds strange. I would assume that the CU receives the "start" signal twice (which would result in the exact behavior you described). How **exactly** do you resume the race after "caution"?

#2 From @wood0209 03.12.2017, 01:14
Hi Marc,

I am doing it through the App but selecting "Start" on the screen. I guess it is conceivable that the phone picks up a "double tap" and pauses the race immediately after restarting. I'll do some testing by doing one full race using just the App, and a second just using the Control Unit. I'll report back my findings to see if the issue is the same in both methods or only when using the phone.
#3 From @wood0209 05.12.2017, 03:03
So it may just be that my phone is registering my touch as a "double tap" on some instances. Using the Control Unit did not get any of the immediate caution following a restart.
#4 From @smartrace 07.12.2017, 11:45 Owner
Ok, thanks for reporting back to me. I'm afraid I can't do anything about it :-/
#5 From @wood0209 07.12.2017, 12:32
Thanks Marc. I didn't expect a fix after I reported the update. :)

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