#12841 Bluetooth connection drops

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From @wood0209 07.12.2017, 13:18
I've had this issue with both of my devices (Samsung Galaxy S5A & Samsung Galaxy Tab A) where the bluetooth connection will just drop mid-race. It tends to occur when resuming the race from caution. I can't recall if it happens immediately after hitting "Start", or if SmartRace at least goes through the re-start count down. I only tend to notice the drop after a few laps when I notice laps are no longer being counted, or if I try to suspend the race again and I notice SmartRace does not call out "Caution". The only way to get it back is to restart the app and the track.

It doesn't always happen, just on some occasions.

#1 From @smartrace 19.12.2017, 17:32 Owner
Hi Kevin,

Sorry that it took so long to answer this. I might see a connection to another issue. Some questions:

Do you have the weather addon enabled? Can you tell whether the drops also happened *before* you bought the addon? And does it happen no mather if it's the first race or only after you already did some races?

#2 From @smartrace 07.01.2018, 19:57 Owner
Hey Kevin,

any update on this from your side? Thanks!

#3 From @wood0209 07.01.2018, 21:58
I Marc, just saw your first comment now.

I have been able to do more testing, and I was wrong suggesting it was both devices, but seems limited to my tablet, the Galaxy Tab A. I only have the basic version of SmartRace, no Weather addon. I have not bothered too much with the tablet since shortly after experiencing this issue as I purchased Chromecast and have used a TV, so there is no longer a downside to relying on my phone.

I'd be happy to do further testing for you though if needed. Though I suspect it may be the quality of the tablet itself.
#4 From @smartrace 08.01.2018, 09:36 Owner
Thanks for the update! I remember there was a report some time ago from someone else who also had issues with the Tab A. I think it could be something specific to this device. I don't think it will be possible for me to find out more about it without purchasing this device myself. Let's see. Thanks for you input anyway and glad to read you found a solution which is working for you :-)

#5 From @wood0209 08.01.2018, 23:35
I certainly wouldn't suggest running out to grab the Tab A, it's a pile of....

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