#12873 Laps not registering properly

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From @wwalrath62 05.01.2018, 03:09
iPad used os 11.2. Cars not getting all the laps they complete
#1 From @wwalrath62 05.01.2018, 08:38
A red message comes up saying invalid lap and doesnÂ’t give credit to that car. But it must see it go by, right?
#2 From @smartrace 05.01.2018, 08:59 Owner
Hey William,

I think you added a "minimum lap time" for the track that you're currently using as active track. This setting is meant for avoiding invalid laps, e.g. if someone crashes after the finish line and sets his car back to the track right before the finish line. In that case you would have a very low lap time which should not count. You should set the min. lap time to something which can never be reached under regular circumstances. If your track record is for example 8 seconds (and you know you will never reach something below 7 seconds), you could set the min. lap time to 6 seconds to make sure that all laps which are that fast are ignored.

Hope that helps.


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