#12892 Can’t purchase in-app purchase!!

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From @sirdec 15.01.2018, 20:39
i would like buy weather option. When i pick option i cant it s opening an windows with "add-ons" then its loading and loading....... infinite time and nothing happens? Somthing i did wrong?

Ty for ur anwer
#1 From @smartrace 15.01.2018, 20:42 Owner

can you please make sure your device is connected to the internet? Otherwise the add-ons listing won't work.

#2 From @sirdec 15.01.2018, 20:50
Yes i m sure i am.... ;)
#3 From @sirdec 15.01.2018, 21:07
so weird, i can get add-ons listing on my iphone but not on my Ipad..... same Wifi connection....
#4 From @sirdec 15.01.2018, 21:24
I bought it on my iphone and i got weather option enable. I uninstall it on my 2 differents ipad and its not working there....I m wanna use smartrace on my Ipad not on my iphone 5s (too small screen, useless). it seems that it s impossible to get in app purchase option on my Ipads... Any solutions?
#5 From @smartrace 15.01.2018, 22:10 Owner
Thats very strange. Are you logged in on your iPads with your AppleID and is it the same as on your iPhone? Or if not, is the AppleID you're using on your iPads part of your family sharing?
#6 From @sirdec 15.01.2018, 22:13
yes all the same as the iphone. it seems to be a porblem with Ipads cause the windows for add-ons just dont load...and works fine with my iphone.
#7 From @smartrace 16.01.2018, 08:26 Owner
Do you have similar issues with other apps which feature in-app purchases, too? Which iOS version do you use on your iPads?
#8 From @sirdec 16.01.2018, 12:18
Ok problem solved. I had activated restriction parental control ON! Now everything is fine. Ty for ur cool application.
#9 From @smartrace 16.01.2018, 19:45 Owner
Thanks for this useful hint! I added an article for this to help other users with the same issue: https://www.smartrace.de/en/the-smartrace-manual/trouble-shooting/app-purchases-overview-doesnt-load-ios/


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