#12893 Random “caution” or “yellow flag”

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From @ramirea 16.01.2018, 02:52
I get a “suspended” notice periodically in free racing or qualifying. Is that programmed to happen as if there was a crash? If so, why not slow the cars down but allow them to continue to run at low speed? Also, I can’t find an explanation of “suspended” in the manual. Can it be turned off. I like the idea of random cautions with an opportunity to pit. Finally GREAT app my friends and I are impressed at how realistic this makes slot car racing.
#1 From @smartrace 16.01.2018, 08:25 Owner

thanks for your nice words, much appreciated :-)

For the random caution: this is not implemented in the app. I'd guess there is a hardware issue with your Control Unit which "presses" the START button on its own somehow (maybe a defective contact). The app itself does not start/stop the race/event on its own.

#2 From @smartrace 18.01.2018, 16:05 Owner
Closing for now. Please feel free to re-open if you think this is a bug in the software. Thanks!

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