#12895 Voice notification issue

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From @drewbert34 23.01.2018, 16:33
Sometimes, voice notifications are cut off.

The most common of this occurrence is the need to refuel notification.

If both cars use fuel at the same rate then both notifications attempt to happen at the same time.

Is there some sort of setting I can change so that this does not happen?
#1 From @smartrace 23.01.2018, 20:55 Owner
Hi Andrew,

this is unfortunately a limitation of Siri/Google Voice. They don't allow for to text-to-speech items to be played at the same time, which means that a running tts is stopped as soon as another one is started. There is no way around that :-(

#2 From @drewbert34 23.01.2018, 21:18

Is there a way to shorten the tts so that the notification isn't so long? If the notification were more brief, the chance of collusion would be reduced.
#3 From @smartrace 23.01.2018, 23:36 Owner
Hm, well, in case you really have two (or even more) cars which have the same consumption, this would probably not help so much. But anyways, what kind of announcement would you suggest? Currently it's

"**Drivername** needs to refuel" - how could this be shorter? :-(

#4 From @drewbert34 25.01.2018, 19:24
My apologies, I thought it said "Driver 1, your fuel is almost empty"
#5 From @smartrace 25.01.2018, 22:23 Owner
You're right, it's me who needs to apologize! It's actually randomly selected from those possibilities:

%s, your fuel tank is nearly empty
%s needs to refuel!

As I'm no native speaker: maybe you'd have a suggestion for a better and shorter replacement? Would be great!

#6 From @drewbert34 26.01.2018, 02:18
I know you natively don't speak English but I think you do great!

I think as you said "Driver 1 (or Marc for example) needs to refuel"

...or another Idea is you could make this selectible sound files that sound like real race radio transmissions...and charge a little money for the addition.

The random different phrases are cool, but short and simple might work better? The same phrase each time vs. random.
#7 From @smartrace 26.01.2018, 14:20 Owner
You're right, I've changed this for the next version.

Unfortunately a sound file is not a possibility. It's very hard to provide such files for all available languages. :-(


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