#12900 Make false start selectible?

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From @drewbert34 25.01.2018, 00:51
3 questions...

1. Can race start be differentiated from track call restart?

2. Can race false start be selectible?

3. Can race restart be selectible?
#1 From @smartrace 25.01.2018, 22:24 Owner
Hey Andrew,

I'm afraid I don't understand your question(s) :-(

Very sorry! Could you try to shed a little more light?

#2 From @drewbert34 25.01.2018, 23:37
When starting a race, if someone squeezes the trigger before the race start, you get a false start / jump start warning with flashing car lights. While this might be good for the start of a race (some may prefer not to have it), during a race (in the instance of a track call) a restart shouldn't need to go through the countdown and another possible jump start scenario.

Does that make sense?
#3 From @smartrace 26.01.2018, 11:01 Owner
Ah, I see. Unfortunately this is nothing I can influence on software side. But you can skip the full start sequence in case of a restart after false start if you just hit the "ESC" button on either the CU or in SmartRace. This will immediately continue the driving.

Hope that helps.


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