#13004 [SmartRace Connect] Add text to speech for certain events

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From @smartrace 21.10.2018, 16:51
Low fuel
No fuel
fastest lap
personal best
#1 From @tomfisch71 23.10.2018, 18:10
Looks good in first step, but if these notifications are also enabled in the main app, there would be a spoken information spamming. So I would think of them as optionally to activate ONLY for those notifications, that are disabled in the main app.
Vibration and notification led (if available at the target device) would then be enough.
#2 From @smartrace 27.10.2018, 20:41 Owner
What I forgot to mention was that this idea came from a user who suggested that each driver might have their headphones connected to their devices (which run SmartRace Connect) to simulate some sort of pit radio. Of course, there would have to be agreements on whether each driver might use the text to speech notifications in addition to the main app, but I honestly don't think this will be an issue :-)

#3 From @tomfisch71 03.11.2018, 20:24
Okay, but I would still implement a "PitRadio" enable/disable Option in the Main App (shouldn't be that effort, as it would just enable/disable the new program code - why not give the Master the power to decide? :-) )
#4 From @smartrace 27.11.2018, 17:34 Owner
Discarded due to lack of more interest.

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