#13007 Extend championship exchange mode

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From @smartrace 28.10.2018, 10:42

The Exchange mode should be more flexible (more drivers than cars, more cars than drivers). It shouldn't matter how many of each are configured, SmartRace should always be able to generate the proper pairings.

See also #13356 

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#1 From @tomfisch71 03.11.2018, 20:26
Good suggestion.
#2 From @msedv-ms-de 12.01.2019, 09:45
...and in addition to that: i would like to have the possibility to have one driver more than cars in championship exchange mode - this would allow to have one person per race acting as race-admin who is not participating in that race but is holding the tablet and stops the race when an accident happens and restarts it after all cars are set back onto the track, manages penalties etc.. So there would be 7 races instead of 6 and each person would have the role of the race-admin once - that would be a fantastic feature.
#3 From @mrpase 27.08.2019, 09:07
+1: makes sense to have more cars than drivers. The lower the amount of drivers, the more important this features gets. Otherwise you always use the same two cars even though you might have 10 others.
#4 From @boneslammergmail-com 18.02.2020, 18:39
In general, it would be great to be able to handle different numbers of both.
Let's say i have 4 friends over (5 players total), but only 3 cars. I would still like to have a championship where everyone tries every car at least once.

As long a mathematical possible, it would be great to name your terms in the championship creation (number of players, cars ect. And smartrace filling in the gaps. Lats say i type in 4 player, 4 cars, everyone try every car. Now, if i click the "number of laps" tab, a dropdown menu should say "4,8,12" ans so on...
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#5 From @mi-baer 28.10.2020, 16:17
Very useful feature. Our current solution is the following: We assign 6 cars and 6 drivers, an only 3 drivers take part in the races. But that´s not that great...
#6 From @mi-baer 28.10.2020, 16:21
It would be great, if there would be a choice how often every driver has to use each car - e.g. twice, if you have 5 cars and matching or less number of drivers, it makes a total of 10 races.
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#7 From @smartrace 30.03.2021, 17:36 Owner

Done. Kommt mit der nächsten Version, @kochkaesschnitzel.

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