#13010 (De-)activate cars

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From @ollimue 29.10.2018, 08:34
We have placed all available vehicles in the database. But even in our team not all of them are available ;-)

For easier car selection, it would be helpful if you could (de-)activate the cars in the database and only display the active ones. This makes assigning for races easier and when a new car comes to the track, you still have all cars already in the app.
#1 From @smartrace 29.10.2018, 23:58 Owner
Hey Olli,

how many cars are we talking here? I designed the lists on the assignment screen to be capable of dealing with a LOT of cars, so I'm just wondering... :-D

#2 From @smartrace 20.11.2018, 17:47 Owner
Currently no real use case. Closing.

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