#13064 A request, not an issue multiple ghost cars, multiple controllers?

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From @noddaz 03.01.2019, 00:44
Is it possible to have ghost cars assigned to more than #7 controller? We were racing the other night and we were going to race against two ghost cars. We quickly found out that both ghost cars were assigned to the same controller and counted double laps. We only had 4 people racing and wanted to see if we could outrace two cars that never had to stop to pit and refuel. We ended up running one ghost car and that ghost car beat us in two races. lol Multiple ghost cars that could be run on different controllers and count their own laps could add something to your app.
#1 From @smartrace 03.01.2019, 09:04 Owner
Hey Scott,

unfortunately there is no way to change that. It's up the the CU and it does have all ghost cars assigned to ID 7. What you could do is have a safety car racing with you, too (which runs on ID 8). But apart from that, there is no way to have more AI cars counted on different IDs.


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