#13071 Check Lane – Setup

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From @larssenjoe 06.01.2019, 16:25
Hi, i have just installed the check lane from carrerra, however for the Qualifying it is considered as a lap. How can correct it ? Thanks
#1 From @larssenjoe 06.01.2019, 16:26
By the way i have the carrera digital 132
#2 From @smartrace 06.01.2019, 20:05 Owner
Hey Lars,

you need to configure the check lane for sector time measurement instead of lap counting. Please refer to the Carrera manual to learn more about how to accomplish this. You can download the manual from this link: https://www.carrera-toys.com/api/product/getdownload?downloadId=95ce0dd3-7687-48c8-ace6-54fa14647239

Please come back anytime if you have any more questions.


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