#13114 The stop button on Smartrace connect

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From @r1 06.03.2019, 01:47

Good night friends! Well, I'm a user that has a great track and I gather more than 50 friends to enjoy our races.

We noticed that the stop button on Smartrace connect is a bit boring because every time a
pilot for the race, so it gets bad!
I understand there are other people who like it that way.

But it would be great if the next update had an option that would take this option to stop on Smartrace Connect, and this function would only be in the command of the test director. (On device with server)
That would make him more professional.

Thank you, we will improve Smartrace to be number one in the world!

Hugs and good races!
#1 From @smartrace 06.03.2019, 17:18 Owner
Hey Robson,

thanks for your feedback! I'm not sure if I got you right, so I'm repeating what I understood from your message:

- You have issues with too many people pressing the STOP button in SmartRace Connect
- You would like to have an option to disable this button on connected devices and only have it available on the main device

Could you please confirm that this is what you meant? Thanks a lot :-)

#2 From @r1 16.05.2019, 21:53

Hey Marc .. Sorry for the delay to answer!

But look ...
We have no problem with the stop button on smartrace connect.

I only gave an option of having an option to have this STOP button, only in races, and only have access to it on the main device (in this case the server).

Practice - No stop button
Qualification - No button to stop
Running - With stop button only on the main server. (Only one person can stop the race, in the case the race director)

Did you understand Marc ???

#3 From @r1 16.05.2019, 22:38
**Great idea for SmartRace.**

And I have a pretty cool idea and I think it will be easy for Smartrace.

Here in Brazil has a Brazilian Championship of Stock car, and has established pilots that run in this category as Rubens Barrichello, Felipe Massa among others. And they have a system that is show ... the Fun Push
(Type a turbo released for the riders). The public votes in their favorite pilots and they win a PUSH the most confere in this link:

But the idea would not be by voting ... but rather leave a 10-second TURBO BUTTON on the smartrace for the riders to use at certain overtaking points. Type we can configure how many TURBOS we can have 3 - 6 - 8 until 10. so we get to do different strategies, and the races gain more emotion.

It would be kind of the mobile wing or the kers in F1.

It would definitely be great fun knowing how to use these turbo buttons on time.

**How it could work:**
* Turbo button only in races.
* Powered via Smartrace Connect.
* Have a bar graph of 10 seconds to see the pilot using the turbo.
* Activating the Racing mode, the speed goes to 100%, and Smartrace would only release 70% of the speed ... triggering the turbo, goes to 100% understood?

It will look great on our Smartrace.

What do you think, Marc?

Thank you for your attention, hugs.

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