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From @jsklick 31.03.2019, 06:08
Not an issue but wondering if your familiar with remote control racing and if you would ever incorporate that style of race day management.
#1 From @smartrace 06.04.2019, 06:41 Owner
Hey John,

could you please explain a bit more how this would work? Thanks a lot!

#2 From @jsklick 11.04.2019, 03:31
i hope i can explain it and make sense.

we sign up the drivers, the computer randomly sorts us into qualifying heats. so say you have 12 drivers, you could run 2 heats of 6, or say 3 heats of 4 what have you. we'll run 2 or 3 qualifying rounds, then sort into a main feature races depending on qualifying results. a main for the fastest 6, or maybe 5 and leave room for the winner of the lowers mains to "bump up" into the next higher main. b main for the next fastest drivers etc..

so when we race rc we race on a set clock, for this purpose ill use a 5 minute clock example. you may even run say 3 or 4 minute qualifiers and then 10 minute mains for another example.

so 5 minute clock, start on the tone, run for 5 minutes and finish the lap your on after the 5 minutes is over. so your winner in heat 1 may have say 17 laps in 5:05 second place may have 17 laps in 5:10 3rd may have gotten 16 laps in 5:02 4th maybe 15 laps in 5:13. your winner from heat 2 may get 17 laps 5:03 2nd may get 17 laps in 5:04 then say 3rd gets 14 laps in 5:10 and 4th gets 13 laps in 5:04 and 5th may have broken and got 8 laps in 2:30 (now the finish timing for broken cars can be tricky i suppose, so here i say 8 laps in 2 :30 because thats the last time the line was crossed before they broke, or 8 laps in 5:30 cause thats when the race director called the race finished cause the last driver cannot pass. or time the race out after a last driver on track lap longer than say triple minimum lap time and finish with 8 laps in 5:21 say on a 7 second minimum lap time?)

then for round 2 (or subsequent rounds if running more than 2 qualifiers) the system will then rank the drivers by the results of round 1 of qualifying by most laps in least time. then it re sorts the drivers into new heats based on what they ran in qualifier 1. so round 2 qualifiers your racing with drivers closer in pace so, if your running 2 6 racer heats youll have the fastest 6 together then the next six, or if your doing 3 4 car heats youll have the fast 4, then the next fastest 4, and the next 4 after that. if your running 3 rounds or more the ranking is your fastest round so far, so one drivers best time may be from round 1, the next on could be from round 2 ans so on, that is whats called rocket round qualifying, ranked by best run in any round. we also have a qual points variant to give a point value based on the round ranking. could be 1 point for every driver you out ranked that round, so 11 points max with 12 racers? or the fastest guy gets 1 point, second gets 2 and as you resort each qualifying round you are sorted by total points? least or most depending.

the idea in qualifying is not really to win your heat race but run your best run so you can post a good run for main selection. while you are racing the idea is to put up your best, fastest and ideally your cleanest run or runs to get you sorted into the a main or feature, or the big show as it may be.

after the qualifying rounds have been run, be it 2 rounds or 3 rounds or maybe even 4, or maybe even 1, everyone is re ranked again by their best time and resorted into main or feature races. the a main would be your fastest drivers, b main the next, c main after that and so on. sometimes itll be the fastest 6 in the main and thats that winner of the a main is the winner of the day, or there's "bump up" style where you sort the mains with 5 driver mains and the winner bumps up to the next main, so you run the slowest ranked mains first to allow that. so a driver who had bad qualifying could end up in the c main, win that, bump up to the b main, win that, bump up into the a main and win the whole race day. a little twist on this you could also maybe not a bump up format but add that the fastest main run is the winner on the day, so a driver that got sorted into the b main or c main could run a faster run than the winner of the a main and could win from the b or c so to speak.

i host a racing league here in minnesota usa, most of my race league have roots in rc racing. i have between say 8 to 15 drivers on any given saturday night.we run 25 lap races with 50% fuel tanks so we have to pit at least twice. i use the championship feature but what ill end up doing is setup a 10 race series and run 10 races in one night, but in the end everyone will race only four times so at the end when everyones points are tallied its really a total of 4 races rather than a 10 race series to crown the winner for the night.

in rc racing we do have a somewhat central scoring center where you can find results from tracks all over the world and you could maybe check that out a bit for examples and real life results to get an idea what im talking about. http://trr.liverc.com/results/ that link is for one of our local tracks, you can see there we ran 2 rounds of qualifying then bump up mains. we also run different classes too, like a 2 wheel drive stock buggy, or a 4 wheel drive modifed truck. so it might be nice to also sign drivers up for classes, so you could have all dtm cars racing against other dtms, or gt3, or f1 or maybe even non magnet class.

we love your software, love it, absolutely love it. if we didnt smartrace, we would not race plain and simple. this app makes it a blast, we use the sector timing, pits for fuel. chromecast to a monitor hanging from the ceiling. when the announcer calls out fastest laps the place really gets roaring, especially when a few guys trade fast laps back and forth all race. announces fuel, whos in the lead. its awesome. and the coveted series champ at the end of the night, someones gonna carry that crown all week and no matter what, hey guy, im champ this week! we keep all the stats, i have nearly every race stored. we look back at stats, always check out how many race wins we have. current track record holder as i change the layout every month also. so the fast lap record holder on a given track will in the end last forever.

wow this got pretty long winded. just shooting you some ideas from a garage racing league host and thanks again for the awesome app
#3 From @smartrace 11.04.2019, 07:24 Owner
Hey John,

first of all, thanks a lot for the huge effort your put in explaining your idea. Very much appreciated! Also thanks for the kind words on my app. I love to read that you guys are having so much fun with it - makes me proud :-)

For your idea, I think I understand it better now. Let my think about possible ways to integrate it into the app. Though I must admit that its probably something which in the end might be too much effort to implement compared to how many people will really benefit from it. Most of the SmartRace users are racing either alone or with 3-4 friends. But thats not a "I will not implement it", don't get me wrong :-)

Thanks again and greetings over to the US!


P.S.: I'd love to know why SmartRace is so little known in the states. I get nearly no feedback from users and its sold much less than in Europe (especially Germany). Do you have any ideas how I could promote the app better in the US?
#4 From @jsklick 12.04.2019, 16:55
Thanks for looking it over. While writing it all it it kinda dawned on me how much work it would be. No problem if you can't incorporate it as I understand the work involved.

Not sure why you wouldn't have a larger following here in the USA. I think here in the USA slot cars are kind of off the radar of most, it's just the elders like myself that are still racing. Our kids need a little more imediate satisfaction so video games are all the rage.

Not sure how much advertising you do but our 2 big retailers are leb hobbies and Carrera slots. Maybe splash some ads on their websites and you may get more exposure here in the usa.

I think the digital Carrera popularity in the USA has already come and gone, I think my crew is like a second coming as when the Carrera stuff came out I was too young to afford it. I refound it while we sampled ho scale slot racing but it didn't keep many people engaged enough to get it going. The Carrera with the help of your app is what set it off.

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