#13131 iPhones won’t connect to main device (iPad).

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From @mehlers 31.03.2019, 17:11
We have 3 iPhones that will not connect to the iPad. All devices have a wifi connection. The iPad is connected to the control unit and working properly. Have made many attempts to connect the iPhones and receive Error message stating "There was an error communicating with the server. Please try reconnecting".
Any suggestions?

#1 From @smartrace 31.03.2019, 17:27 Owner
Hey Mike,

did you make sure that all devices are connected to the same wifi (which should not be a guest network)? Also, there is an issue on iOS where sometimes the IP of the server device is displayed as (which is no valid IP in this case). If thats the case, you have to "forget" the wifi connection on the ipad and reconnect to same wifi afterwards.

Please let me know if either of this helped.

#2 From @mehlers 01.04.2019, 03:23
Hey Marc, thanks for the quick response. Today we were able to connect 2 iPhones to the main device (iPad) with no problems and without doing anything different from yesterday, so not sure what happened. In the future if we have any connection issues (hopefully we won't) I'll try your suggestions. Oh, by the way, the app is awesome!! I thought upgrading to digital was awesome enough, but this app really raises the level of realism and excitement for the drivers.
Thanks again for the great customer support.

Best Regards
#3 From @smartrace 01.04.2019, 07:16 Owner
Hey Mike,

you're welcome :-). Glad to read it worked now. Feel free anytime to come back to me if you experience any other issues.


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