#13137 App works for 30 seconds

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From @rod 11.04.2019, 06:31
Everything appears to work at first
except every 30seconds or less the program stops
And I have to wait for it to start again
.....Only for it to stop and go through the same process again
...And again and again and again
I am so looking forward to this working correctly please help
#1 From @smartrace 11.04.2019, 07:14 Owner
Hey Rod,

Thanks for coming here to report your issue.

To which of the three apps are you referring? How does the program stop and start again? Or are you referring to the connection which is dropped and restored?

#2 From @smartrace 17.04.2019, 05:31 Owner
Please feel free to re-open with the requested information. Thanks!

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