#13139 Feature Add – Possibility for Android Notifications

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From @cadman0421 20.04.2019, 01:27
Develop a Plug-in for Tasker, or allow for Android Notifications so another Tasker Plugin can intercept those notifications and react to them. Notifications can consist of a persistent type, text only for each condition. Conditions can be track status ( running, caution or paused, and pace car). Other conditions can be specific lap number achieved (maybe 5 with adjustable lap number to trigger notification), notifications for rain (if using weather), etc.

Tasker can intercept these notifications, react to them, and them send them to other modules for layout automation.

Some ideas for automation include automatic day/night conditions (room lights) based on a specific (programmable) lap to trigger changes, lightning for weather trigger, automatic animated flag man based on track conditions.
#1 From @smartrace 07.05.2019, 18:18 Owner
Hey John,

thanks for your idea. I'm not familiar with tasker. How would that actually work? I understand it would be enough if SmartRace produced android notifications which could then be taken by Tasker and do other things with them, right?


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