#13144 CAUTION Period @ 5% Speed (Virtual Safety Car)

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From @audisnapr 06.05.2019, 14:52
Great app! My family and I have really enjoyed all of the basic features on your app. There is one feature I wish was possible:

During a race or even free practice, when a car falls/flies off the track, I wish there was a way to initiate a "caution" period which forces all of the cars to move at a very slow speed (maybe 5%) no matter where the car is on the track. This could be initiated on the app with a large "CAUTION!" button, similar to the "start" button. This would allow drivers to continue to move forward but at a much slower pace and avoid slamming into the car that has fallen off the track.

Once the car is placed back on the track, the "caution" button can be pressed again allowing the drivers to immediately go back to regular speeds but without the red-light countdown.

This new feature would be an alternative to stopping the action completely with the start button and avoid the red-light countdown before the race resumes.
#1 From @oj 09.05.2019, 10:22
Gute Idee !
#2 From @smartrace 11.05.2019, 08:38 Owner
Thanks for proposing this. I will check if it is possible. Changing the speed while driving is an issue in general for firmware > 5337, in that case the app would need to stop the race first, then change the speed and then continue (similar to the weather add-on). Let me think about it.
#3 From @smartrace 06.09.2019, 12:48 Owner
Done & coming to the next version!

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